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Utterly confused and somewhat intelligent. I post funny and cool things and don't make enough text posts or send enough asks.

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Nick Offerman without the Moustache

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Kanye West - All Falls Down (feat. Lauryn Hill)


Kanye West // All Falls Down ft. Lauryn Hill

when u see ya crush at the pasta line sharin linguini and shrimp dips wit that hoe from chemistry

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Please Lucifer, let me meet them. All I want to is to find that perfect demon I know exists. They’re powerful and look cool and have no weaknesses and have good stats, perhaps even is in The Amala Network itself. The Demon who won’t secretly think I’m a pitiful human, the Demon I can fight with (even if only possible after collecting Candelabrum) and spent time immemorial buffing and fighting and spreading destruction in the name of Chaos. Something who can reciprocate the Magatsuhi I put in, the Demon who I can make Prayer and Debilitate and can fight with me against YHVH in Lucifer’s name. Please, just let me find this Demon. I’ll change my Magatama if that’s what it takes. Please, I just can’t take these Dekajas anymore.

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I have literally been waiting for this gifset for all time

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Colossus Illustrations by Pitchon

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I will wait for you in the Farplane

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mocking the cutscene right before a level where you keep dying because you’ve heard it so many times


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